Must Courses for M.Sc. Program
AMN500        Seminar
AMN501        Materials Science and Engineering
AMN502        Nanoscience and Nanotechnology
AMN597        Special Topics
AMN599        Master Thesis

Elective Courses for M.Sc. Program
AMN503        Polymer Chemistry and Physics
AMN504        Polymer Science and Technology
AMN505        Smart Materials and Structures
AMN506        Nanofabrication
AMN507        Surface Science
AMN508        Surface Modification
AMN509        Biomedical Polymers
AMN510        Biomaterials
AMN511        Biosensors
AMN512        Advanced Materials Design for Tissue Engineering
AMN513        Engineering of Nanostructures for Targeted Drug Delivery
AMN514        Tissue Engineering
AMN515        Advanced Instrumental Analysis-I
AMN516        Advanced Instrumental Analysis-II
AMN517        Thermodynamics for Material Science
AMN518        Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics
AMN519        Quantum Theory of Materials
AMN520        Organic Electronics
AMN521        Solid State Physics
AMN522        Physics of Metals and Alloys
AMN523        Physics of Semiconductors
AMN524        Optical Properties of Semiconductors
AMN525        Semiconductor Quantum Nanostructures – I
AMN526        Semiconductor Quantum Nanostructures – II
AMN527        Computational Methods in Quantum Nanostructures
AMN528        Fuel Cell Science and Technology
AMN529        Surface Coating
AMN530        Thin Film Solar Cells
AMN531        Plasma Technology for Materials
AMN532        Electrochemical Engineering
AMN533        Processing and Characterization of Ceramic Materials
AMN534        Sol-Gel Processing of Ceramics
AMN535        Membrane Separations in Aquatic Systems
AMN536        Environmental Nanotechnology
AMN537        Packaging Materials Technology
AMN538        Materials Science of Concrete
AMN539        Analytical Techniques in Concrete Technology
AMN540        Numerical Methods for Engineers
AMN541        Statistical Data Analysis
AMN542        Data Mining
AMN543        Computational Methods in Physics, Chemistry and Biology
AMN544        Advanced Computational Chemistry
AMN545        Introduction to Molecular Modeling
AMN546        Object Oriented Programming Languages and Systems
AMN547        Finite Element Methods
AMN548        Basic Patent Principles in Science and Engineering
AMN549        Ethics in Science
AMN550        Membrane Technology
AMN551        Nanotechnology Applications in Food Processing
AMN552        Molecular Photochemistry
AMN553        Coordination Chemistry
AMN554        Flat Panel Display Technologies
AMN555        Quantum Mechanics for Engineers