Must Courses for Ph.D. Program
MSME600     Seminar
MSME697     Special Topics
MSME699     Ph.D. Thesis

Elective Courses for Ph.D.Program
MSME601     Materials Science for Engineers
MSME602     Thermodynamics of Materials
MSME603     Mechanical Properties of Materials
MSME604     Electronic Materials
MSME605     Composite Materials
MSME610     Chemistry and Physics of Surfaces and Interfaces
MSME620     Materials Characterization Techniques I
MSME621     Materials Characterization Techniques II
MSME630     Soft Nanomaterials
MSME650     Nonlinear Finite Elements
MSME651     Continuum Mechanics
MSME652     Theory of Elasticity
MSME653     Numerical Method
MSME654     Advanced Dynamics
MSME655     Combustion
MSME656     Mechatronics
MSME657     Micromechanics of Materials
MSME658     Acoustics
MSME659     Robotics
MSME660     Theory of Plasticity
MSME661      Heat and Mass Transfer
MSME662     Advanced Numerical Methods
MSME663     Nonlinear Dynamics
MSME664     Nonlinear Elasticity
MSME665     Wave Propagation in Elastic Media
MSME666     Random Oscillations of Mechanical Systems
MSME667     Nano/Micro Mechanical Systems
MSME668     Mechanics of Composites
MSME669     Tribology